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next125 is the signature brand of Schuller, the world-renowned German kitchen manufacturer. Developed as a means to supply world-class kitchens to the high-end market, next125 combines superior craftsmanship, technology and design with the latest architecture and state-of-the-art industrial production.


All of this results in kitchens of inimitable precision, beauty and style. The standard of next125 kitchens is that of supreme luxury, unmatchable detail and ultimate functionality. When you purchase a next125 kitchen, you are enhancing the living space within your home.


next125 places great importance on creating a sustainable and responsible product. To do this, they demand the highest quality throughout all design and production. This results in kitchen concepts with lasting value in terms of both design and quality. By developing kitchens with longer lifespans, next125 is producing high-end kitchens which are better for the environment.