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High Quality Kitchens

Since opening our business, our aim was to provide quality kitchens to the local area, and we can’t thank you enough for all your support. Word of mouth has been fantastic and a special thanks to all our customers who decided to spend their hard-earned money with us.

It’s been a very busy 18 months and we’re delighted to showcase another recently completed project.

Design must fascinate. In terms of both design and technology.

Bothwell, Glasgow

It must inspire enthusiasm and make working in the kitchen an emotional experience.

Bothwell, Glasgow

Just one next125 kitchen unifies seven design principles: it is precise, elegant, creative, minimalist, functional, emotional and technological.

Type of Build: Internal Reconfiguration – Wall removed

Supplier: next125

Door: NX901 G571 – Glass Gloss platinum metallic

Real Glass. High gloss fronts of 3 mm thick toughened white glass. Rear side fully lacquered and with a 16 mm thick wood-based material panel affixed.
The glass edge is protected with an all-round decorative edge covering. The light reflects and refracts in the high-quality surface, with impressive effects.

Bothwell, Glasgow

Design: Long rectangle open plan space, 3 x single runs designed with central focal island.
Open shelving used for fast access to the most-used kitchen utensils, simply as a decorative aspect – shelfs open up a world of possibilities, added design by the elegant, indirect lighting.
Glass reflects the light without swallowing it. It shimmers without being overpowering.
The combination of elegance and suitability for daily use makes glass an ideal front material.

Bothwell, Glasgow

Worktop: Cosentino – Dekton Laurent

Inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent, the striking colourway features a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of copper and gold.

Handle: Handless Onyx Matt Black

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